Disease Control / East Africa / Uganda

Elephant grass disease on the loose

Hellen Margaret Kongai of Osigiria Parish, Ngora Sub-county in Kumi District has been a zero-grazing farmer for the last ten years.

In 1998, Kongai received a cow from Send-a-Cow Uganda (SACU), an NGO, which has changed her life for the better.

With the proceeds from the 25 litres of milk her cow, which she has named Charity; she has significantly improved her family’s income and nutrition through milk consumption.

At the back of it all, just like it is for over 1.3 million such zero-grazing farmers in Uganda, is the quest for forage to sustainably feed her cow.
“We feed them on elephant grass and calliandra,” she said.

But the elephant grass (Napier) that has been sustaining her animal is under serious attack from an epidemic of a fungal disease, threatening it with extinction.

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