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Smallholder commercialization: Processes, determinants and impact

This report by Moti Jaleta, Berhanu Gebremedhin and Dirk Hoekstra of ILRI on Smallholder commercialization: processes, determinants and impact was released on 2 June, 2009.

This paper reviews the literature on smallholder commercialization. It explores the conceptual developments in smallholder commercialization, methodological advancements in measuring the degree of agricultural commercialization at household level, and the impacts of commercialization on different socio-conomic groups. The paper also investigates policy recommendations made by different authors aimed at facilitating the smooth process of transforming smallholder agriculture from subsistence system to a fully commercialized farming. Based on the review, the paper throws light on conceptual and methodological gaps in relation to smallholder commercialization, and finally, draws general conclusions and directions for future research.

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