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Global demand for animal protein and its implications for the feed industry


Global demands for food are expected to increase 100% by 2050 driven by an increase in global population to 9+ billion and a growth in affluence primarily in China, India, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Twenty percent of this increased food demand can come from increased land put into production; however, environmental concerns and competing use for biofuel production will challenge this opportunity. Ten percent can come from increased cropping intensity. The remaining 70% must come from improved efficiency through the use of technology. The challenge will be to meet this tremendous demand in food in a sustainable manner (environmentally friendly, socially responsible, economically viable and scientifically verified). Historically, we have been able to make great strides in agricultural technology to allow for the continued production of safe, affordable food in ample supplies. However, redefining these technologies and discovering new ones will be critical to expanding productivity improvement going forward. There are tremendous challenges that reduce our ability to achieve these goals (consumer demands, activist groups, government regulations, poor economics in production agriculture, funding needs for research and development, alignment in agriculture on key issues and challenges to keep science at the table in food policy decisions). Animal production will happen in countries with a favorable climate, available land, available water, resource accountability, human resources, production technologies, low cost of production and global quality standards. The feed industry will undergo continued consolidation as the customer base consolidates and changes. Growth and profitability will be challenged by raw material pricing and availability, development of new technologies, feed safety issues, consumer demands, regulatory issues, political influences and quality

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