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Climate change to bring mixed fortunes for East African pastoralists

The anticipated climatic changes will present mixed fortunes for pastoralist communities in Uganda and her neighbours. This is according to an Oxfam briefing paper Survival of the Fittest  which says that pastoralist communities across East Africa are starting to learn to live with the reality of climate change, adapting as they can to its impacts.

According to the paper, in the next 10–15 years there will be a continuation of current trends including successive poor rains, an increase in drought-related shocks, and more unpredictable and sometimes heavy rainfall events.

But, “Beyond this period the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change’s climate models for East Africa show an increase in temperature of up to 2–4ºC by the 2080s, with more intense rain predicted to fall in the short rains (October–December) over much of Uganda, Kenya, and northern Tanzania as soon as the 2020s, and becoming more pronounced in the following decades.”

Read more (Daily Monitor)

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