Agriculture / Food Security

FAO/WFP publication: The state of food insecurity in the world economic crises—impacts and lessons learned

i0876e00Did you know that: In Africa and Latin America, a 1 percentage-point increase in the ratio of remittances to GDP results in 0.29 percent and 0.37 percent declines, respectively, in the number of people living below the poverty line?.

The impact of the financial crisis on remittances and more is discussed in this annual publication of SOFI (State of Food Insecurity) which coincides with World Food Day (October 16th). The document, jointly produced by FAO and WFP, reviews the status of undernourishment around the world, presents case studies of countries affected by the economic crisis and discusses way of moving towards eliminating hunger, including investment in agriculture and the establishment of safety nets.

Go to the following link to access the report:

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