Climate Change / Drought / East Africa / Environment / Food Security / Kenya

Third world food crises are caused by climate change

Globalization has proven that what happens in one area of the world invariably affects the whole planet. Right now in Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, and numerous other countries, people are experiencing severe droughts and flooding to an extent beyond anything they have ever witnessed before. Rising temperatures all over the world are causing malnourishment, starvation, and economic stagnation, especiall in already arid and dry landscapes. However, food crises are certainly not new; people have been battling against haphazard weather conditions for thousands of years. The rise in dramatic food crises is not any easier to accept, though. As a species, humans have an obligation and responsibility to help one another. Thus, it is imperative to prevent further global climate change and to remediate what damage has already been done in order to secure a life worth living for every individual on the planet.

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