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Food security in East Africa is ‘within reach’

East Africa will face both crop gains and losses as a result of climate change, but food security is an achievable goal if new farming technologies are embraced, says a study.

The research, published in Agricultural Systems this month (3 November), predicts that yields of staples like maize and beans will double in the region’s highland areas as a result of rising temperatures, as warmer climates make crops mature faster.

But the reverse is likely to occur in both drier and more humid areas, with crop harvests decreasing significantly in these places. Four areas projected to have “statistically significant” yield reductions of 20 per cent or more by 2050 are coastal Kenya, northeast and northwest Tanzania and central Uganda.

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One thought on “Food security in East Africa is ‘within reach’

  1. Do you think that an introduction of new farming technologies will be the best solution to secure food for the region? You people, you have a trend to fix your eyes on one thing and one direction,i.e. by doubling yield of gains or by enhancing productivity and so forth. How long we are doing these in comparison with fast growing population and dense population in ratio to available land and land use.
    Better to for an other alternatives.I’m not plant scientist, but as microbiologist and concerned person to solve the problem of the region, I strongly suggest the use of Spirulina (Arthrospira) as the best and the best solution to combat malnutrition and hunger in developing countries especial in East Africa where the genetic resources is abundantly exists and East African Great Rift Valley Soda Lakes are the home of Spirulina species.

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