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Improving health in an interconnected world

On November 17, 2009, the One Health Commission held a summit convening leading health science experts across the human, animal and ecosystem disciplines. The One Health Commission Summit aimed to raise awareness of the importance of transcending institutional and disciplinary boundaries to improve health outcomes for all species. During the Summit, the Institute of Medicine formally announced its intent to conduct a study that will shape the One Health vision.

Doug O’Brien, J.D., Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, delivered the keynote address, calling for integrated solutions and collaborative leadership to address the significant challenges of a changing environment populated by interconnected animal, human and ecosystem interactions.

“As we combat global pandemics, such as H1N1 influenza, it is imperative that health science professions, academia, government agencies and non-governmental organizations act in unison across the human, animal and ecosystem sciences,” said Mr. O’Brien.

Among the presenters, Dr. Karen Becker from the USAID Africa Bureau spoke on “One Health Action in Africa: Improving Animal Health Systems for Public Health, Food Security and Economic Development”

Read more … (One Health Commission)

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