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Climate, agriculture and food security: A strategy for change

Climate has been central to much of the work of the CGIAR centres, variable and uncertain weather being one of the greatest challenges to small-scale farmers and other resource managers. New technologies and knowledge resulting from this work include hardier crops and better ways to manage trees, livestock, water, soil and fish.

The CGIAR Challenge Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is a new drive to help deal with an escalating problem. Developed by the Alliance of CGIAR Centers and the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP), it aims to ensure that we can sustainably produce sufficient food, fodder and fibre for a growing global population under a changing climate.

CCAFS will bring together the best brains in development research, agricultural research and climate science to help bring lasting solutions to the food security challenges under a changing climate.

To highlight the importance of agriculture, livestock, forestry and fisheries in relation to climate change adaptation and mitigation and to demonstrate the importance of the CGIAR in moving the science agenda forward, the Alliance of the CGIAR Centers commissioned a report – ‘Climate, agriculture and food security: A strategy for change.’

The report is organized around the six themes of the CCAFS science plan to emphasize the importance of this new strategic initiative and to show how this new Challenge Program builds on, and complements, the work already done by the centres and the other Challenge Programs.

Download the report … (CGIAR)

CCAFS website

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