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Feeding the future …

Writing in the December 2009 issue of Livestock Research for Rural Development, University of Queensland Professor David Farrell reflects on the feed, food and land area that the world will require by 2016-2018.

“The alarming increase in biofuel production, the projected demand for livestock products, and the estimated food to feed the additional 700 million people who will arrive here by 2016, will have unprecedented consequences. Arable land, the environment, water supply and sustainability of the agricultural system will all be affected. Given the demands, partly driven by the new wealth mainly in developing countries, there is unlikely to be sufficient extra arable land (140 million ha) or water to allow this expansion. Projections of others are examined and there is usually reasonable agreement. Food and feed costs are already rising and are expected to keep pace with the price of oil. The disadvantaged, mainly those in developing countries, will grow significantly in numbers if these projections prove to be accurate; poverty and malnutrition will remain unchanged or will increase unless population growth is halted.”

Read more … (Livestock Research for Rural Development)

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