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Biosciences research facility in Nairobi opens its doors to Africa’s scientists

A world-class state-of-the-art biosciences research facility has officially opened its doors to scientists and students in Africa’s national research institutes and universities in Nairobi’s International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

According to Biosciences east and central African (BecA) Hub Director Segenet Kelemu; ‘This means that, Africa’s scientists can comfortably venture into new realms of science without constraints of inadequate laboratories, at low costs and fewer restrictive regulations in their bid to conduct scientific research that is similar to that done in overseas institutions.’

Director general of ILRI, Carlos Sere, said: ‘The BecA Hub has become a vibrant focal point and facilitator for science and technology issues, bringing the African scientific community and international partners together as they address African agricultural constraints of significance.’

Read more… (Newstime Africa)

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