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Agriculture insurance finally launched in Botswana

Agriculture insurance has finally been launched for the first time in Botswana with the facilitation of the Agricultural Hub, as the sector tries to move towards full commercialisation.

This week, Agrinsure Botswana a joint venture effort between South Africa’s Farmers Technical Insurance Services Company (FTISC) and Alexandra Forbes Botswana, was officially unveiled to stakeholders in the industry. According to Agriculture Hub Coordinator, Neil Fitt, the establishment of agriculture insurance in Botswana is a major milestone in the sector as the idea for such a product has been in the pipeline for many years and it will now strengthen the country’s efforts to attain food sustainability.

” In the past we have only had schemes that were put in place by government and in as much as they were very helpful to the farmers, they had their own limitations as they were national programmes.

Read more (Mmegi Online – Botswana)

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