Africa / Climate Change / Environment

It’s raining, it’s pouring

“It’s so hot!” “Why can’t it stop raining?” “The lightning was terrible” I’m not sure about you but I keep finding myself complaining about the weather.

Global warming, Copenhagen, recycling, climate change – it’s like we just keep hearing it over and over again. Remember last year when we turned off the lights for one hour. I recall it causing quite a confusion for some – do I turn off all my lights or just a few or will one do? Can I still watch TV? What about my laptop, can I use it, or should that be turned off too? I remember being out in Kuala Lumpur having dinner under the stars, inhaling the pollution and being bitten by mosquitoes – thinking I really like electricity.

I calculated my carbon footprint years ago. I was confident that I’d get a good low score. After all I recycled regularly and was pretty aware of environmental issues. What a reality check that was. Not only do I have relatively large feet for a Malaysian, my carbon footprint is massive.

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