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Smallholder farmers hold the key to global food security

While a lot of money is being pumped into agriculture in a bid to boost production and alleviate hunger in the world, these efforts are unlikely to succeed without focusing on mixed smallholder farmers, a new study has warned.

The study, which puts countries like Kenya––long criticised for neglecting the smallholders––on the spot, says smallholders hold the key to ending perennial hunger in the world.

“In most regions of the world, farming systems are under intense pressure. But the problems are not the same everywhere,” said Mario Herrero, ILRI senior scientist and the paper’s lead author.

“In the past, farmers have developed the ability to adapt to small changes, in terms of weather patterns and access to fertile land and water. But the rapid rates of change seen in many developing countries today outstrip the capacity of many to adapt.”

Read more… (Business Daily)

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