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ICT in Africa’s insurance business

It’s all about the customer right now.

The insurance sector is grappling with the same sorts of cost pressures evident in other industries, and “outsourcing is a trend” among most players, says Haydn Pinnell, MD of Gallium.

…The insurance sector in Africa only represented about 1.3 percent of the global insurance business in 2007, according to Swiss Re Economic Research. In the ‘South African Insurance Industry Forecast to 2013’ by RNCOS Industry Research Solutions, 85 percent of the current African insurance market is in South Africa. Both figures demonstrate the undertapped potential of the insurance market on the continent.

Major insurance companies like AIG, Zurich, and Swiss Re have entered the market. AIG was the first major player to enter micro-insurance in Africa, partnering a local microfinance institution in Uganda in the 1990s.

This interest will naturally lead to opportunities for the ICT industry. For example, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) has developed satellite technology to assess weather conditions, such as drought patterns, which could lead to livestock deaths. This technology will help insurance agencies determine whether or not to honor such claims. Eric Gerelle, director of IBEX Projects in Switzerland, says there is a gap in the market for ICT providers. To deliver insurance products and services effectively on the ground, agencies of any size need a strong back office and ICT infrastructure.

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