Animal Products / Climate Change

Carnivorous climate skeptics in the media

Earlier this month, the food news cycle took a spin for the better for carnivores concerned with the environmental impact of their diet. Fox News and the Washington Times offered the brightest rays of hope, introducing stories with the headlines “Eat Less Meat, Reduce Global Warming—Or Not” and “Meat, dairy diet not tied to global warming.” The Daily Mail followed suit, writing, “Veggies are wrong and eating less meat will NOT save the planet.” Others just got uppity, writing headlines like, “Go Veggie to prevent warming? Bull.”

As it turns out, the enthusiasm was premature: yet another tawdry example of the media either misreading or willfully distorting a study in order to indulge in another irresistible dose of sensationalism.

Read more… (The Atlantic)

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