Animal Products / Climate Change

This Earth Day, go vegan

Celebrate Earth Day by admitting that meat-eating causes environmental destruction and changing your diet

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN estimates 30% of the Earth's ice-free land is now involved in livestock production. Photograph: Steffi Loos/AFP/Getty

… Approximately 1 billion people will participate in Earth Day celebrations this month, and today alone countless people will plant trees, clean up rivers, pledge not to use plastic bags and decide to walk rather than drive. All of this helps, of course, but it’s not going to save the planet. To be truly “green”, we’ve got to make our diets more environmentally friendly by kicking the meat habit and going vegan. An apple a day can help keep environmental destruction away.

Our most serious environmental problems – climate change, overexploited natural resources, deforestation, wasted land, water and air pollution – as well as today’s most serious health problems, including heart disease and cancer, are all directly linked to the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products.

Read more… (The Guardian)

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