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Commercializing dairy and forage systems in Ethiopia: An innovation systems perspective

This working paper by Tesfaye Lemma, Ranjitha Puskur, Dirk Hoekstra and Azage Tegegne on Commercializing dairy and forage systems in Ethiopia: An innovation systems perspective presents and discusses the results of the analysis of Ethiopian dairy and forage innovation systems.

Two factors triggered the need for understanding the innovation systems: Ethiopian dairy subsector has not been able to take-off despite decades of research and development efforts; and the context for the subsector development is changing.

The purpose of the research was to identify organizational, institutional and policy options to facilitate market-driven and knowledge-based smallholder dairy development in the country. Specifically, the analysis looked at contextual factors determining opportunities and necessities for innovation; the key innovation systems actors, pattern of interaction between them; coordination mechanisms; and the subsector development policy and strategy. The investigation was based on a survey of actors and their roles and interactions, review of policy, and project documents and available empirical evidence.

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