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African Ministers responsible for animal resources meet in Uganda

Last week, African Ministers responsible for animal resources met in Uganda. The theme of the meeting was “improving access to markets for African animal resources to significantly contribute to economic growth and reduction of poverty.”

H.E. Rhoda Peace Tumusiime , Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union Commission opened the meeting, arguing that “the poor management of the natural resource base for animal production will in the long-term undermine the ability of African countries to meet the rising demand for livestock commodities. Climate change is also contributing to the deterioration of the natural resource base while at the same time creating conditions for the emergence of new animal diseases and zoonoses and re-emergence of diseases that had previously been contained.  Climate change also contributes to genetic erosion and loss of biodiversity in both animals and plants and thus poses a real threat to the ability of Africa’s livestock resources as a source of livelihoods and economic well being.”

“However, because of its mobility which allows adequate access to feed and water resources, livestock can play an important role in both mitigation and adaptation of farmers to climatic changes, either as an alternative or a complement to crop farming.”

Read her speech

More on the conference

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