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When the cows go moo (with mobile phones)?

So here’s an odd one to ponder for the weekend – could cows have mobile phones?

Last week I got to stay on a dairy farm for the weekend (city kids need to smell some country air from time to time). Whilst there, we got a tour of the milking parlour and, even though I’m no stranger to such places, I was surprised to see the technology in use.

But I was also struck by the potential that adding mobile phone technology to the process could help improve things further.

Read more … (Nokia Blog)

2 thoughts on “When the cows go moo (with mobile phones)?

  1. Peter, thanks for raising again awareness abaout the potential of ICT in the livestock sector. Certainly ICT will keep playing an incresingly important role in livestock industrial production. A comment states that mobile technology is irrelevant for smallholder farmers because they can follow animals by themselves. This is defintiely true also in developing countries, if you look at the animal monitoring aspects only. Mobile phones for smallholders in developing countries are not for animal monitoring purposes. They are for accessing productions and marketing services to better utilise resources and increaase income from livestock. They are a component of the “pathway out of poverty” throuhg livestock keeping.This is a complete different ball game for the use of mobile phones in developing cuntries from the one portrayed in the article.

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