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Gambia gets vaccine support for neglected animal disease project

The Gambia has got support of vaccine for animal diseases that are often neglected. This was disclosed to TODAY Newspaper by the director of Animal Health and Production Service at Abuko, Dr. Kebba Daffeh while speaking with our reporter in an interview.

According to Dr. Daffeh, The Gambia is one of the 14 countries that secured a new project called the Vaccine Against Neglected Animal Disease in Africa. The project is funded by the African Union Inter-African Bureau of Animal Resource (AU-IBAR) and the European Commission in collaboration with the SPINAH-ALFI project and will start July 2010.

Read more … (Today Newspaper)

One thought on “Gambia gets vaccine support for neglected animal disease project

  1. This is good news! I am happy about the sudden trend with which issues regarding animal disease is taken. I am a Veterinary Technician an employee of the Ghana government Veterinary Service,MoFA. Nonetheless, where the need arise, Gambia, just get some of us on board to render technical service in this fight.Bravo to the programme!

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