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‘Science with Africa’ conference launches local fund for local research

‘This March, African science ministers resolved that 2011 would be the start of an African decade for science, promising increased research budgets and attempts to use science and technology to drive development. A small, continent-wide research-grant programme, modelled on the European Union’s framework programmes, is in the works, as is a pan-African training network for researchers undertaking PhDs. And donors and governments alike are talking up the need for more home-grown funding for research and development.

‘Going local
‘This week, the African Science, Technology and Innovation Endowment Fund will be launched at a Science with Africa conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Businesses—a rare source of investment in research and development in Africa—will be invited to add to the fund, which will provide innovation guidance and financial support for researchers and entrepreneurs. Several companies have already promised to contribute to the fund, including Nigeria’s Zenith Bank and Bank of Industry, Zemen Bank in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian Airlines.’

More . . . (Nature News, 23 June 2010)

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