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Monsanto bet early – and successfully – on biotechnology

‘Few companies spin financial growth out of crop growth better than Monsanto. By making an early, successful R&D-heavy bet on biotechnology, Monsanto transformed itself from an agricultural-chemicals company in an increasingly commoditized sector into a cutting-edge seed-and-biotech firm. Because its rivals are still catching up to its prowess in creating biotech traits — the software of seeds — Monsanto has become the standard bearer and lightning rod for the controversial advance of genetically modified (GM) crops, sometimes derisively described as Frankenstein foods.

‘But it looks as if the monster has prevailed. The company’s juggernaut is so impressive that the usually levelheaded market bible Barron’s hyperbolically referred to “Monsanto’s stranglehold on the planet’s food chain.” Some 740 million acres (300 million hectares) are planted with GM crops, about equally divided between North America and the rest of the world — primarily Argentina and Brazil.’

More (Time Magazine: How Frankenfood Prevailed, 28 Jun 2010)

One thought on “Monsanto bet early – and successfully – on biotechnology

  1. CORRECTION – The estimatde hecatres of GM crops globally in 2009 was 330 million acres NOT 740 million acres, as noted in this article

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