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Learning for change: a logical approach for fodder innovation?

Fodder scarcity was a common theme at each of the FIP project sites

Tracking the right evidence to demonstrate impact is a conundrum common to many development projects. Providing evidence for change proves particularly challenging for projects where outcomes are unpredictable and changes that result from innovation processes are not immediately visible and are difficult to quantify. However, despite these challenges, adopting a ‘learning by doing’ approach and having space to experiment at five pilot sites in India and Nigeria has provided valuable lessons in building innovation capacity to address fodder scarcity.

The DFID-funded Fodder Innovation Project FIP II is just one of an emerging family of projects which are taking an innovation systems approach in an attempt to reposition research. Building alliances and networks is key, in order that the skills and resources of different organisations and individuals provide the collective capacity to put ideas and technology into use.

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