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World Bank supports Henan Ecological Livestock Project in China

The objective of the Henan Ecological Livestock Project for China is to improve environmental health management practices on the targeted livestock farms in the Yellow River Belt in Henan province. There are three components to the project.

The first component of the project is institutional strengthening, training and technical support. Improving the technical understanding and institutional management capacity at the province, municipal and county levels of on-farm management of livestock waste processes through, inter alia, strengthening of public institutions, provision of training, technical assistance and management support to livestock farms in the areas of animal health and waste management, carrying out awareness raising activities and establishment of a Geographic Information System (GIS).

The second component of the project is environmental management in existing and new farms and livestock parks. Constructing and equipping facilities in small scale and medium size beneficiary farms/parks for waste minimization, animal health, waste management and waste treatment, and for demonstrating ecologically standardized livestock farming in selected beneficiary farms/parks, including provision of civil works, equipment and technical assistance for construction design and supervision.

The third component of the project is project management, and monitoring and evaluation. Strengthening institutional capacity at the province, municipal and county levels to implement the project and to establish and implement an effective monitoring and evaluation system through, inter alia, provision of equipment, materials, vehicles, training and technical assistance, including establishment of a computerized Management Information System (MIS).

Read more … (World Bank)

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