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Scientists improving pasture content

Better days are dawning for farmers faced with problems of pasture for their livestock, now that scientists majoring in crop production research are improving on the nutritional content of pasture here. The scientists from the National Crop Resources Research Institute at Namulonge Department of Forage Research Programme are currently conducting research on various types of forage for purposes of obtaining those that are disease free, tolerant to drought as well as those that contain protein nutrient.

According to Mr Stephen Kayiwa, a senior technician handling the forage improvement programme, this project started in 2007 after crop scientists discovered that the major forage grass, the elephant grass livestock keepers depend on, had been attacked by a disease called Napia Stanti. He said the grass was being wiped out by this disease and therefore scientists had to look for alternative means of ensuring that farmers have pasture for their animals.

Read more… (Daily Monitor)

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