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Get involved with the CGIAR Mega Program consultations

Message from Mr Mark Holderness, Executive Secretary, Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)

‘Following requests at the recent (July 2010) CGIAR Fund Council meeting, the CGIAR Consortium Board has now compiled and made available a list of all the consultations with partners that are being organized by the CGIAR Centers around their development of proposed Mega-program concepts. The purpose of these consultations is to ensure that perspectives of national partners and end-users are taken into account in the design of the Mega programs in order to make the CGIAR’s work as relevant and impact-oriented as possible. Funding to support these consultations will come from the CGIAR Fund to the lead CGIAR Centers responsible for convening the consultations.

‘As you will notice, the consultations for developing the proposed Mega programmes are organized around a tight timetable. We urge you all to connect with those leading each of the proposed Mega programmes (CGIAR contact points are included in the list) to establish how you can contribute to the development of these Mega programmes. Your contributions will help to assure that international investments into the CGIAR programmes are tailored and targeted to meet the needs of your region and country and are cast in a way to ensure that all can lead to effective impact for the target end users.’

Read more . . . (GFAR/GCARD)

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