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New milk analyser excites dairy farmers

Milk analyser in its developed stage. Below, the Sunbeam device that has been tried in Kenya. PHOTOS:JOSEPHAT SIROR

As demand for high quality and fear for contaminated milk increases, a new technology that could restore the fading confidence in the country’s dairy sector is under way, thanks to advancements in technology.

The new milk sampling equipment takes a ‘network approach’ using advanced technology that connects the entire sampling processing system through general pocket radio service (GPRS), short message service (SMS) and radio frequency identification (RFID).

The milk analyser has the potential to boost efficiency in the dairy industry and it is touted as critical to weeding out problems associated with quality.

The gadget detects different components of milk including fat content, added water, solid and fat material at a touch of a button.

Fitted with a small screen, numerical keypad and extended data cartridge, the analyser automatically relays data from one point, say a collection centre to the main dairy processing plants.

Read more . . . (The Standard)

One thought on “New milk analyser excites dairy farmers

  1. We would like to know is it available in india so that it may be tried at the farm level.We at veterinary college palampur would like to procure the equipment so that the available technology is disseminated among the farmers

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