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NFU helping the under privileged

Cow,  ILRI KenyaFood security in Western Kenya has been given a massive boost following fundraising from the NFU and the rest of the agriculture industry.

The £200,000 raised from the Africa 100 Appeal is now supporting a new project which is benefitting over 12,000 people.

The cash is helping farmers to grow stronger, disease-free crops of cassava, the staple food crop which is consumed every day in 64% of households across the region.

The project was started by charity FARM-Africa when the crop was hit badly by a new form of mosaic virus which left many people dependent on food aid.

The Cassava Project, which has been designed to be sustainable, has since set up 107 farmer-marketing groups which promotes the planting of higher yielding, mosaic virus-resistant varieties of cassava to improve farmers’ agronomy of the vegetable.

Read more … (Meat Trade News Daily)

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