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Proper livestock management can reduce global warming – Narayan Hegde

Livestock (cattle) the world over release about 18 per cent of carbon dioxide equivalent of methane through digestive and respiratory systems.

Pune-based BAIF Development Research Foundation has published a concept paper taking note of this significant and dangerous contribution to global warming and how to cut down emission of methane by these animals using proper livestock management techniques.

BAIF trustee Narayan G Hegde said livestock are an important source of methane, which contributes to global warming. “While increase in carbon dioxide concentration is a serious problem, release of methane is also a major concern, as it absorbs 20 times more heat than carbon dioxide and its concentration in the air is steeply rising. Out of the total methane emitted, livestock contribute about 28 per cent, amounting to 80 million tons per annum,” said Hegde.

Read more … (Times of India)

Download the paper by Narayan G. Hegde

Dr. Hegde recently contributed to an ILRI meeting on ‘livestock goods and bads‘ ; Download his presentation ; See a video of his presentation.

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