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Ethiopia: New Wheat Variety to Deal With Wheat-Killer Diseases

Gadab Assassa — Like most farmers in Ethiopia, Jundi Hajji expected that the profit from his wheat harvest would be sufficient to feed his family of eight until next year’s harvest.

But, following a yellow wheat rust epidemic across the country and on his farm, he is concerned how his family will survive if the rust claims his entire harvest. (Yellow wheat rust stunts and weakens the plant and can sometimes kill an entire field of wheat.)

Hajji has a five hectare wheat farm in Qawa village of Gadab Assassa, a rural district at the heart of wheat-producing central Ethiopia. He is one of the millions of farmers whose plantations are seriously affected by yellow wheat rust. Hajji used to harvest up to six tonnes of wheat per hectare in previous years. “This time, I’m afraid we are going to end up with no harvest,” Hajji told IPS.

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