‘Path(way)s out of poverty’: Obama announces sweeping changes in US foreign aid policy

US President Barack Obama delivered a speech this week (21 September 2010) at the United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development goals that ‘mixed soaring rhetoric with ground-level truths’. Obama said that providing aid to the poorest countries can directly contribute to the security and prosperity of the wealthiest countries–a framework for a new policy on aid that would provide for those countries most likely to help their own people.

In his address to the the UN General Assembly on meeting the millennium development goals, Obama spoke of ‘paths out of poverty’, a phrase noted by staff of the Africa-based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), whose strategy is based on three livestock ‘pathways out of poverty’.

Obama said that philanthropy could not be the role of the state alone but that accountability should begin with national leaders. He warned that ‘we need to big-hearted but also hard headed’.

He pledged that the US would lead a global effort to battle corruption, a major obstacle to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The US President said good governance would strongly influence his country’s aid decisions in future.

Read more at The Toronto Star: UN cheers as Obama makes sweeping changes to foreign aid policy, 22 September 2010.

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