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MDG Goals Summit says women and girls are ‘the answer to global development’

Mozambique, Gurue District, Lhate village

Widowed farmer Maria Ngove feeds a goat at her home in Lhate Village, in Gurue District, Zambezia Province, in Mozambique (photo ILRI/Mann).

The UN Wire reports on 30 September 2010 the following among take-away messages from last week’s UN Millennium Development Goals Review Summit, the Clinton Global Initiative and the UN Week Digital Media Lounge:

> ‘Women and girls are the answer to global development

> ‘The smallest solutions–e.g., bednets, clean cookstoves and vaccines–will make the largest difference

> ‘We each have a role to play through our resources, skills and networks to achieve the MDGs

> ‘More than ever, technology is a key player in achieving global problems. . . .’

Michael Keating, of the Africa Progress Panel, says:

> ‘Expectations around the MDG Summit were low, given global economic and financial woes. In terms of commitments announced, including to and by Africa, they were met. The question now is how ‘hard’ the commitments are, whether they are new or ‘recycled’, whether they will be implemented, and who will hold those making them to account.

> ‘Most significant was President Obama’s speech on the MDGs: not much to measure, but he made a compelling case for development as a strategic, economic and moral imperative for the US – and the world. He emphasized the need for smarter partnerships including with the private sector, and mutual accountability, especially between rich and developing countries.

> ‘Leaders in the public and private sectors, in both donor and developing countries made measurable pledges, notably at meetings convened by the S-G on women and children’s health and on bridging the malaria gap. These related to funding levels, health spending, coverage, and training targets. . . .’

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