Ethan Zuckerman on Jason Clay (on TEDGlobal) on a sustainable future

Ethan Zuckerman

Ethan Zuckerman (photo credit: Joi Ito).

Blogger Ethan Zuckerman and Harvard research on internet and society took the following among other notes of a TED Talk by Jason Clay, of the World Wildlife Fund.

‘Human beings are currently using 1.3 planets worth of resources for consumption. Yes, population growth is important, but so is the size of ecological footprint. The average American consumes 43 times the average African. When we’ve reached a planet of 9 billion people, all of whom are likely to consume twice as many resources, we’re at a load much, much higher than what we can sustain globally. Yes, we need to bring up efficiency and productivity, but we need to bring consumption down.

‘The price of food as a share of household income keeps going down. But in part this is because consumers aren’t paying the true cost of food. If we bring in the externalities–particularly water–we’d see a massive shift in costs.

‘Clay closes by telling us, “Whatever was sustainable in a planet of six billion will not be in a planet of nine.”’

Read Ethan Zuckerman’s whole article at his blog, My Heart’s In Accra blog: TEDGlobal: Jason Clay and a sustainable future through corporate collusion,  16 July 2010.

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