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Integrated water resources management in tropical and subtropical drylands

In September 2011, Ethiopia hosts ‘Water 2011’, an international congress on integrated water resources management in tropical and subtropical drylands.

Staff from the International Livestock Research Institute and the International Water management Institute will play a major role in this event, that will focus on six major themes:

  • Water Resources: runoff, discharge, sediment transport, flooding, infiltration, enhancing groundwater recharge, groundwater (over)exploitation, groundwater resources potential
  • Aquatic Ecology: water quality, eutrophication, cyanobacterial blooms, fish as protein source for livelihoods improvement, potential conflict between fish culture and water quality
  • Soil and Water Conservation: water harvesting, soil and water conservation practices, conservation agriculture, watershed management
  • Crop Water Productivity: salinization, deficit irrigation, irrigation management, drip irrigation, long-term fertility, traditional systems, mechanization, modernization, crop livestock systems
  • Livestock Water Use and Productivity: water use efficiency and productivity in pastoral and mixed crop livestock systems feeding strategies; livestock and water quality, conflicts over resource use (including biomass) and way forward to improve livestock footprint on water resources
  • Water and Livelihood: household-level irrigation, institutional arrangements of water management, marketing of water products, cultural significance of water, water-related extension, sanitation
  • Climate Change Adaptation: land-use change, adaptation to climate change
  • Stakeholders Forum on Water: extension of water-saving technologies

Register to present or participate at the congress web site: Water 2011

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