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National Forum calls for set up of Ethiopian Dairy Board

A first National Dairy Forum was organized this week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Scientists, experts, representatives of farmer cooperatives and farmers, from the private sector as well as non-governmental and international organizations, attended the Forum.

On behalf of the state minister, Berhe G/Egziabher, director of the Animal and Plant Health Regulatory Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, opened the meeting. He mentioned that although Ethiopia is highly dependent on animal production and agriculture, the dairy sector has not been given sufficient attention. To enhance the dairy sector, he called for good marketing strategies and improved linkages among private-sector actors, non-governmental organizations and the government.

Following the various presentations, participants formed groups to discuss three topics: capacity building and research, dairy value chain development and policy, and institutional arrangements for dairy development. Key issue emerging from the groups were a lack of coordination and leadership and the need for an Ethiopian Dairy Board.

The Forum was organized by the Improving Productivity and Market Success of Ethiopian Farmers project, the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Land O’Lakes and the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture. Staff from the knowledge management and information services unit of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) supported the meeting by collating and documenting its proceedings.

See some of the meeting outputs online:

Powerpoint presentations on Slideshare

Photos are on Flickr

Short video interviews with speakers and participants

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