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Paying for outcomes: Protecting human and animal health in Africa

A new report from the Milken Institute, Paying for Outcomes: Protecting Human and Animal Health in Sub-Saharan Africa looks at two of the primary threats to sustainable agricultural development in the region and suggests how donors can break through challenges in vaccination and crop safety.

The two specific issues examined are contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) – a damaging respiratory disease that strikes cattle — and aflatoxin, a toxin that causes liver disease and reduced immune function in both humans and livestock when they eat infected crops.

  • 24.4 million people in sub-Saharan Africa who depend on livestock for their livelihood are at risk from CBPP.
  • Lack of data reporting makes it difficult to quantify economic impact of CBPP, with estimates ranging from $80 million to $2 billion in lost economic output annually.

Some of the suggested donor-funded financial incentives include:

  • Price guarantees to incentivize manufacturers to produce consistently high-quality vaccines for CBPP. The donor would subsidize the cost of the vaccine upon purchase. The pull mechanism implies that if no vaccine is made available or the farmers don’t buy the vaccine, the donor doesn’t pay.

Read more … (Milken Institute)

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