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Camelicious … World’s first large scale camel dairy farm

Intensive camel farming, mechanised milking, camel milk chocolate, frothy camelcinos and strawberry-flavoured camel milk, all from a 2,000-strong herd of calm, friendly, well-behaved camels? Not quite the picture of Bedouin desert nostalgia you’d expect from a camel farm in the desert. Emirate’s Industry for Camel Milk and Products, better known as Camelicious, does things a little differently. The world’s first large-scale camel dairy farm, on the outskirts of Dubai, has everything, from milking camels to camel milk processing, testing, and distribution all under one roof.

Read more … (New Agriculturist)

5 thoughts on “Camelicious … World’s first large scale camel dairy farm

  1. Respected sir ,
    Thanks a lot for sharing the remarkable and mark to alternative way for animal genetic resoures conservation in this new ara of civilised society.I hope to see in near future with my own naked eyes.My all best wishes for its prosperity.
    with regards

    • Katherine: As we were only reporting on a story published in New Agriculturist, please contact them or do a web search for Camelicious. Thanks for your interest. Susan MacMillan

      • Dear Susan, Thank you for the answer! I have now got a contactperson. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Katharina Pejov

  2. I wish there was a easy way to obtain camel milk in the US. I hope Camelicious succeeds beyond its wildest dreams.

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