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Guyanese to head Kenya-based International Livestock Research Institute

‘Jimmy Smith has been appointed the new director general designate of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), in Nairobi, Kenya.

‘ILRI board chair Knut Hove made the announcement at the 35th meeting of the ILRI Board of Trustees, recently, to an afternoon gathering of ILRI staff, management and board.

‘In his announcement, Hove said, “We are facing challenges to make livestock more beneficial to the poor and less harmful to the environments of the poor. We think Jimmy Smith is a strong leader for ILRI, one who will open up new partnerships for pro-poor livestock research.”

‘Born in Guyana where he was raised on a small mixed crop-and-livestock farm, Smith holds dual nationalities with Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, at Urban-Champaign, USA, where he completed his PhD in animal science.

‘Now based at the headquarters of the World Bank, in Washington, DC, he currently leads the Bank’s Global Livestock Portfolio.

‘James Smith virtually grew up on the Berbice River where his parents were farmers. He subsequently attended the Guyana School of Agriculture, was employed in the Ministry of Agriculture and subsequently was granted a scholarship to study agriculture at the Tuskeegee Institute in Alabama USA where he obtained his B.Sc. degree.

‘On his return to Guyana, he secured employment with the Livestock Development Company (LIDCO) and was largely responsible for the development of the company’s Moblissa operation into a successful large scale dairy unit.

‘His performance as an agricultural manager secured his promotion to the role of Ranch Operation’s Manager in charge of Lidco’s four cattle ranches – Kabawer (Abary), Mara, Pirara (Rupunini), Ebini (on the Intermediate Savannahs) – and two large dairy farms at Moblissa and Ebini. He then enrolled in the University of Illinois, USA, where he obtained his PhD in Animal Science.

‘He was also employed by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) as its Country Representative in Guyana and in 1991 joined the International Livestock Research Centre for Africa.’. . .

Read the whole article at Kaieteur News (Guyana): Guyanese to head Kenya-based International Livestock Research Institute, 26 April 2011.

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