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Constraints to the use of artificial insemination services for dairying in East Africa

This brief from the East Africa Dairy Development Project highlights key results of a baseline survey to analyze the level of preference for and use of artificial insemination (AI) in different project sites, and identifying constraints or problems hindering the optimal use of the service and possible solutions.

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The East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) project is implemented by a consortium of partners led by Heifer International. It is currently being piloted in 18 sites in Kenya, 8 in Rwanda and 27 in Uganda. The overall goal of the project is to transform the lives of 179,000 families, or about 1 million people, by doubling household dairy income in 10 years through integrated interventions in dairy production, market access and knowledge application.

One thought on “Constraints to the use of artificial insemination services for dairying in East Africa

  1. Dairy sector needs help – the rising cost of artificial insemination is threatening all the gains small scale farmers have had in the latest .urgent intervention to avert farmers going back to using bulls which will in turn have a negative impact on both milk production and breed improvement will be welcomed.provision of cheaper BUT quality semen will be the only cure.

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