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Feed- and dairy-processing plants to improve food security in Ethiopia

As part of the Feed Enhancement for Ethiopian Development (FEED) project, ACDI/VOCA reports that Ethiopian cooperatives and consumers are fighting food insecurity and benefiting from new feed and dairy plants.

In the project, ACDI/VOCA partnered with the Selale Dairy Producers Cooperative Union to make investments in local agricultural production to fill market gaps and improve local food quality and availability.

A major challenge to the development of Ethiopia’s livestock sector has been a lack of manufactured animal feed. The union’s new feed mill will overcome this challenge and boost the local economy. “Members of the union will have safe feed, with a significant reduction of nutritional problems as well as diseases and contamination.”

On the same day of the feed mill launch, the Selale Union laid the cornerstone for a new dairy-processing plant that will help farmers earn a fair price for their dairy products as well as improve cooperatives’ productivity.

Read more … (ACDI/VOCA)

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