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Do ICTs help us put research into use?

A new report from Research Into Use examines the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in South Asia as a tool to put research into use for innovation.

The authors conclude:

“If ICTs are to contribute meaningfully to innovation management, there has to be a fundamental rethinking of our approach to agricultural and rural development. Although the initial hype around ICTs has since subdued, there is a need to shift the discussion around ICTs from one of more coverage to that of better and more meaningful use of ICTs for innovation management.

Lack of empirical evidence on the contribution of ICTs — and the reluctance to report and learn from failures in ICT experiments — has led to disillusionment about the role of ICTs among the development community. ICTs are clearly not a substitute for human intermediation and the limits of stand‐alone ICT initiatives should be clearly understood. ICTs cannot solve the underlying institutional bottlenecks that constrain organisations from interacting with each other. Addressing these issues is important if the full potential of ICTs is to be realised. Information and knowledge alone is not enough to ensure behavioural change and there is always a need for opportunities, platforms or networks for dialogues and sharing information and knowledge.”

Read more … (RIU)

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