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What future of pastoralism in a changing climate?

Pastoralism—a free-range livestock production system—is practised in all of Africa’s dryland regions, and in some communities it is the main source of food security and income. But will pastoralism survive in the changing climate?

The August 2011 issue of Joto Afrika provides research findings, lessons learned and success stories from across Africa.

Contents include:

  • The future of pastoralism in a changing climate
  • Adapting pastoralism to a changing climate
  • Coping with drought in Niger—by Augustine Ayantunde of ILRI
  • Grazing management as an adaptation measure
  • Using Mbororo herders’ traditional knowledge
  • Vulnerability in Ethiopia’s pastoral communities
  • Livestock insurance in northern Kenya—by Brenda Wandera of ILRI

Download the full issue

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