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News conference today on Horn’s food crises: Participate via a live video link and chat channel

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The CGIAR Consortium is holding a live interactive panel today on challenges and solutions to the Food Crisis in the Horn of Africa.

The Daily Kos also reports that Chris Funk, who leads a Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS Net), says that FEWS Net gave early warning of the drought-related hunger facing the Horn of Africa this year.

FEWS NET runs a food-price tracking system that showed that the price of maize (corn) in Kitui, Kenya, had soared by 246% in 12 months. And the value of a goat in Bardera, Somalia, usually sold to buy grain, had halved. Satellite measurements of vegetation health tracked the emerging drought in disturbing detail. FEWS NET put out a second alert on 7 June that warned: “This is the most severe food security emergency in the world today, and the current humanitarian response is inadequate.”

‘Emergencies such as the one in East Africa will become more common unless there is a focus on improving agricultural production. . . .

Get involved
‘The CGIAR Consortium’s press conference today, Research Options for Mitigating Drought-induced Food Crises, focuses on solutions and challenges, and is informed by research on such topics as reintroducing traditional dry-land crops; implementing food storage systems; climate change and farming; micro-irrigation and the successful use of plant varieties; and inspiring and engaging youth in sustainable agriculture. . . .

‘The meeting, which takes place at the ILRI [International Livestock Research Institute] campus in Nairobi, will be hosted on the Consortium’s Horn of Africa page, where a live video link and chat channel provide opportunity for Q&A for remote participants. (Times: 10:30–12:00 Nairobi time; 09:30–11:00 CET; 07:30–09:00 GMT; 3:30–5:00 EST; 0:30–2:00 PST). Participants can submit comments or questions ahead of time on the Horn of Africa landing page; during the live event, questions can be submitted in real time via Twitter or the chat channel on the page.

Read the whole article on the Daily Kos Blog: What Went Wrong? LIVE CGIAR Panel To Provide Answers & Solutions, 30 Aug 2011.

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