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News agency interviews herders who received drought insurance payouts in Kenya’s Marsabit District

Insurance payouts for Kenyan drought victims, posted 26 Oct 2011 by Agence France Press TV: Runtime 2:06.

Agence France Presse TV has posted on YouTube an interesting 2-minute video piece on the first-ever insurance payments made to pastoral herders in northern Kenya’s remote Marsabit Dictrict, following a great drought in the Horn of Africa that has reduced their herds by a third.

In the clip, a Marsabit pastoralist named Harosoro Soragodana, who did not take out insurance, said:

I lost 80 adult cows and many calves. I can’t buy clothes or food for my family or pay school fees for my children.’

Another herder from Marsabit named Halakhe Salesa Dambi, who did buy the insurance, said:

The amount of money I received, Kshs.6.600 (USD66), is not that much but it will help me support my family for everything we need for two weeks, although it can’t buy me some more cattle.’

Note that this index-based insurance pays out not when animals die but rather when satellite data tells the insurance company that the available forage has dropped below a certain threshold. Thus, herders who took out insurance for, say, 10 of their cattle, have been paid for all 10 animals, whether or not those animals died or survived the drought, because the biomass of the rangelands did drop below that agreed threshold in the last several months.

For more information, visit the blog of this index-based livestock insurance project.

Or read previous ILRI news of these payments:

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