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ILRI campus life in Ethiopia and Kenya – Virtual tours

What’s it like working and visiting the campus of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)? Our human resources team recently commissioned two short films … with staff members as your guides.

Visit the Kenya campus in Nairobi with Kim Kariuki:

Visit the Ethiopia campus in Addis Ababa with Tsehay Gashaw:

Practical information on the Addis campus …

Visit the ILRI ‘crowd’ for more information on ILRI people and their work

8 thoughts on “ILRI campus life in Ethiopia and Kenya – Virtual tours

  1. Hi i am writing from Cameroon in my capacity as the president of interested possible solution for agriculture. My organization train and help bout adult and children and mostly orphans and poor widows in agriculture, and livestock. We want to help some 5 poor orphans who do not have money to go to school nor feed themselves. We want to help them in poultry farming So we wish to apply for a non nonrefundable fun which will help us carry out this project. My organization is a non profitably one that is why we are asking for a non refundable fun . we will be happy if you can help us carry out this project. We need just money for the birds why we will build the houses give them feed and drugs for them to state with. I will be happy reading from you

    • @Samual Numfor: Thanks for your comment. We’re a research organization, and so focus on research rather than development projects per se. Please contact your local agricultural development organization—or a relevant non-governmental organization—to request funds to buy the poultry. And much good luck in your project!

  2. What are different departments available in ilri Kenya Campus for a prospective internship point of view. I am more interested in cellular biology and immunology research. Thanks and Keep it up.

  3. It was nice taking a tour of ILRI Nairobi and ILRI Addis. I started working with IWMI six months ago and am trying to familiarise myself with other centers in the CGIAR system. Thanks for these nice videos.

  4. This is in deed a potential ground for those aspiring to change lives through meaningful research.Keep it up.Am in support of your endevours.

  5. Hi Kindly let me know whether you allow farmers to visit the Nairobi ILRI farm to see what you are doing? my father is interested and he is a dairy farmer. Kindly let me lnow whether it is possible and how do i go in arranging the visit

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