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Ethiopia gets sheep and goat production handbook

In Ethiopia, sheep and goats have traditionally served as a means of ready cash and a reserve against economic and agricultural production hardship.

However, the proximity of Ethiopia to large Middle Eastern markets demanding export quality sheep and goat carcasses and an increase in the domestic demand for small ruminant meat is leading to a change in the importance and scale of sheep and goat production.

No longer are sheep and goats subsistence livestock species only. Economic opportunities exist for small ruminant producers to supply animals to both the export and domestic markets.

This handbook – by the Ethiopia Sheep and Goat Productivity Improvement Program (ESGPIP) – is the first text devoted to small ruminant production written exclusively for Ethiopian conditions by Ethiopian scientists.

Its primary use will be as a training resource and reference handbook for Kebele Development Agents (KDAs) in their quest to transfer knowledge and skills to sheep and goat producers. Other stakeholders, such as non-governmental agencies and development workers will also find the book useful in their efforts to enhance sheep and goat productivity. The depth and coverage of information on all aspects of small ruminant production also renders the book usable in an academic environment as a resource or classroom text.

Topics covered in the handbook (available to download) are:

  • Economic significance of sheep and goats
  • Breeds of sheep and goats
  • Sheep and goat production systems in Ethiopia
  • Sheep and goat management
  • Reproduction in sheep and goats
  • Genetic improvement of sheep and goats
  • Nutrition and feeding of sheep and goats
  • Forage development for sheep and goats
  • Sheep and goat flock health
  • Sheep and goat products and by-products
  • Sheep and goat economics of production and marketing
  • Sheep and goat meat characteristics and quality
  • Records and record keeping

The Ethiopia Sheep and Goat Productivity Improvement Program (ESGPIP) is a USAID-funded project operating with a goal to sustainably increase sheep and goat productivity in Ethiopia to consequently enhance economic and food securities.


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