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Learning route on innovative livestock marketing in Kenya

Participants in a ‘learning route’ on Innovative Livestock Marketing just completed their trip through Kenya.

Organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the PROCASUR Corporation, the route is a participatory practitioner-to-practitioner training to increase awareness about channels and strategies to diversify livestock production and marketing.

Read stories from the route …

How do innovations travel? In people’s mind. Kenya Learning Route on Innovating Livestock Marketing

Bridging the gap: Connecting Maasai pastoralist communities to livestock markets.

From pastoralists to terminal market: journey along the livestock value chain.

M-PESA: The power of mobile technology in livestock marketing.

The power of camel milk: the story of the Anolei Camel Milk Cooperative.

An earlier route looked at ways rangelands can be better protected for local rangeland users, including pastoralists, in East Africa

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