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IPMS project contributes to public sector capacity development in Ethiopia

Participants of Results based monitoring and evaluation training workshopResults based monitoring and evaluation, gender mainstreaming and mass insemination for improved dairying have been the subject of training interventions by the Improving Productivity and Market Success (IPMS) of Ethiopian Farmers staff in recent months.

Courses have been run for  staff of the Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) at federal and regional levels, to staff of regional offices of agriculture (Oromia, Tigray, Amhara), Federeal Ministry of Agriculture, Oromia Livestock agency, and Jimma University.

The programs and bureaus are taking the lead in organizing and facilitating these courses for their staff and inviting resource persons from IPMS. Project training publications on ‘Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation’ and ‘Gender and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming‘’ are resource materials used  for the courses. As well as getting print copies of the resource materials, participants are introduced to the Ethiopian Agriculture Portal, a web based gateway to agricultural information and resources relevant to Ethiopian agriculture.

Some reflections from these activities:

  • IPMS has made an effort to develop a knowledge-intensive culture internally and externally by encouraging knowledge sharing and proactively seeking and offering knowledge and skills development to public and private sector actors at different levels. The effort is leading to many requests.
  • IPMS has piloted various processes and approaches to enhance individual and organizational knowledge, skill and capacity on market oriented agriculture development. These activities enable us to learn effective ways of sharing our knowledge with different audiences.
  • The emerging linkages with major programs like the AGP will be useful for the forth coming ‘LIVES‘ project to form partnership in our work on livestock and irrigated value chain development across the country.

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