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New MDGs 2.0 Report – What Does the World Really Want?

The UN-led process for determining the next round of global development goals is officially underway.  This will be an extremely important effort, which will likely have profound implications for both the developing and developed world for decades.

Against this backdrop, the ONE Campaign and other groups have been advocating for a radical, yet extremely simple, enhancement to the UN’s existing consultation process.  Directly ask the world’s citizens, including the poorest and most marginalized, what they really want out of the new global development goals.  This would be achieved by a global poll, which could be repeated at regular intervals, to inform decision makers about the most pressing concerns and priorities of ordinary people.

The new ONE report titled “What does the world really want from the next global development goals: Ensuring that the world’s poor define the post- 2015 framework” outlines the case for this poll in detail. . .

Original story by click here to read the press release (

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